Annuity Report™ is a third-party consulting service that reviews existing variable annuity contracts.  The program is specifically designed to help pre-retirees and retirees obtain a better understanding of the variable annuity contracts they already own.  Our team has over 35 years of cumulative experience in analyzing annuity contracts.  We will provide you with a detailed analysis of contract structure and features as well as advice on how to potentially improve the utilization of your variable annuity contract's benefits.

Most importantly, through our proprietary software, we will provide you with a “stress test” to determine if your existing variable annuity contract is likely to provide the intended total benefits to both you and your family.  This will also include our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis which illustrates the combined impact of both fees and your income withdrawals to show if and when your variable annuity contract might reach a critical drain rate and/or a terminal drain rate and therefore not provide the intended benefits.

If we find that your variable annuity may not perform the way you thought it would, we can suggest some strategies for you to explore regarding your current annuity contract.  

With our financial market valuations at highs not seen since 1929 and 2000, it is essential to have an understanding of how a market correction/bear market could affect your variable annuity including their income and/or death benefits which you are counting on to provide for you and your family.

With your Annuity Report™ you will receive:

  • A detailed report of the Variable Annuity Contract and any Supplemental Riders
  • A Contract “Stress Test” to identify potential threats to your stated intended use of the specific annuity you own (i.e. Will your annuity do what you want it to do?)
  • Our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis which will illustrate how the combination of withdrawals and fees affect the contract values over time.
  • A Phone Call Review with an Annuity Specialist to discuss our observations.

Please click here to begin the process of having your variable annuity “stress tested” by the Annuity Report™ team using our proprietary software.  Your personalized report will include our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis.