Best Annuity for You

Titles like these abound on the internet and in various publications, but how can anyone really make these claims?  At Annuity Report™ we believe there is no specific annuity contract that can be deemed to be the “best” if proper comparisons to other annuities are being done.  Why?  Everyone's financial situation is unique unto themselves and the annuity that is “right for you” must solve or address your specific problems or concerns.  It is therefore not possible for one specific annuity contract to be labeled the “best” for everyone seeking retirement income, a death benefit and/or both.

Annuity contracts have many common features and often will work very similar to the other products offering a similar feature.  This however does not mean that annuity contracts with similar features are easily compared.  Insurance companies will often add little quirks in their contract or benefit design to “make it their own” in an attempt to stand out in a crowded field.  Unfortunately, these product or benefit quirks often contribute or add additional complexity and complications that must be understood by you to properly benefit from your annuity.

And some advisors may believe and/or assume that older annuity contracts are “better” merely because they may have a slightly higher income guarantee and/or slightly lower fees.  This oversimplification may cause some investors to continue to hold these older annuities under the belief that their “benefits” are somehow better merely because they have been paying for them over a longer period of time.  Older financial “tools” are not always “better” for your current situation.

Until these annuities are compared to what else is currently available and what that might mean to you and your family; you can never really be sure that the “tool” you currently “have in your hand” will best prepare you for what lies ahead.

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