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Annuity Report™ is an in-depth personalized written report that is specifically designed to help pre-retirees and retirees obtain a better understanding of the variable annuity contracts they already own.  We will provide you with a detailed analysis of contract structure and features as well as advice on how to potentially improve the utilization of your variable annuity contract's benefits.

Most importantly, through our proprietary software, we will provide you with a “stress test” to determine if your existing variable annuity contract is likely to provide the intended total benefits to both you and your family.  This will also include our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis which illustrates the combined impact of both fees and your income withdrawals to show if and when your variable annuity might reach a critical drain rate and/or a terminal drain rate.


The written analysis inside your personalized Annuity Report™ will include the following:

  • Contract Structure and Features
    • Ownership Structure (Owner vs Annuitant Driven)
    • Beneficiary Designation Issues
    • Spousal Benefits and Contract Continuation
  • Contract Benefits
    • Explanation of how your specific combination of benefits can be used to help you achieve your stated goals
    • Living Benefit Riders
      • Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefits (GMIBs)
      • Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits (GMWBs)
      • Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefits (GMABs)
    • Death Benefits
      • Standard Death Benefits
      • Fixed Percentage Increases
      • High-Water Marks
      • Lump Sum Payouts vs Stretched Payouts
    • Earnings Enhancement Riders
  • Contract Withdrawals
    • Understanding your Account Value vs Benefit Base Value
    • Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis
    • Explanation of how withdrawals and/or excess withdrawals may affect the benefits
      • Pro-rata Withdrawals vs Dollar-for-Dollar Withdrawals
  • Comprehensive Review of Investment Options
    • Fixed 
    • Indexed
    • Variable
  • Contract Fees
    • Explanation of how fees are calculated and charged against contract values 
    • Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis
    • Explanation of how fees can potentially negatively affect your guaranteed benefits as contract values fluctuate over time
  • Current Contract Values
    • Annuity Health Check™ - Contract Value vs Income Rider Value Comparisons
    • Income Rider Value vs Guaranteed Annual Income Evaluation
    • Surrender Penalties (if applicable)

How We Can Help

Contact us today for your personalized Annuity Report™ which includes a detailed financial analysis and information on the benefits/features of your variable annuity contract.  There is a fee of $229 for the analysis of your first contract.  Each additional contract is $79.  Under certain circumstances these fees may be waived.  Please inquire for details.


Please click here to begin the process of having your variable annuity “stress tested” by the Annuity Report™ team using our proprietary software.  Your personalized report will include our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis.