Variable Annuity Analysis

Your personalized Annuity Report™ powered by our proprietary software will allow us to provide you with the following important information:

  • Uncover and Calculate all of your annuity's fees
  • Identify the potential long-term impact of your annuity's fees (on your annual returns, initial deposit, income and death benefit)
  • Compare the annuity's combined fees and withdrawal rates against numerous best and worst-case financial scenarios
  • Calculate how many years it will take for your annuity to “break-even” (when selecting certain income riders)

Whether an older or a more recently issued variable annuity contract is “better” depends entirely on exactly what benefits you have selected and the amount of money you are paying for these benefits.  This also depends on how you are planning to utilize the benefits you have selected and what you are hoping to achieve.  

Our “stress test” and “drain rate” analysis has shown that in the event of a market correction or bear market, some variable annuity owners may have to choose between having either a lifetime income for them self (and possibly their spouse) or to suspend their income in an attempt to preserve the death benefit for their heirs.

Bottom line... it's important to understand how your variable annuity will actually work.

Annuity Stress Test™
Our proprietary software allows us to perform an annuity “stress test” to determine if your current variable annuity contract will in fact be able to provide both a lifetime income and a death benefit to your heirs.  For some annuity contracts, the simple mathematical truth is that they may only be able to provide one, but not both, of these benefits which you are currently paying for.

Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis
Our proprietary software allows us to perform our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis which will show how the combination of your income withdrawals and the fees charged against your contract affect the contract values over time.  The amount of fees paid each year are driven by various market conditions which, over time, may potentially have a negative impact on the total benefits that you can expect to receive from your variable annuity.

Please click here to begin the process of having your variable annuity “stress tested” by the Annuity Report™ team using our proprietary software.  Your personalized report will include our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis.